• Mandir product composition
    We use industry-standard, long-lasting and highly durable marine plywood, engineered wood and wood polymer composites for the base structure. The surface finish is created by applying solid surfaces (acrylic), hi gloss anti-scratch glass acrylic laminates and texture boards. Kindly note we do not use any chemical-based painting solutions.
  • Cleaning and maintenance
    All given lattices/jali cutting are sandwiched between a pexi-glass that is easy to clean and maintain. All arcylic and glass acrylic  or corian surfaces can be cleaned by applying regular mild soap solutions or cleaning agents.
  • Power consumption
    The mandir has an inbuilt, hardwired LED light with power consumption ranging from 6W for a small mandirs upto 2 Feet and 24W to 60W for larger mandirs. All LEDs have an external power plug and power adapter which can be easily replaced in the event of a malfunction. The power plug itself is comptabile with standard 110-240V power supply. 
  • Packaging (India)
    Wooden Mandir upto 2 Feet Height are packed fully assembled and  others are packed in knock down format. Typically the base unit and the vertical back unit is fully assembled and the hood jharokha is kept safe inside the base drawer or cabinet. All mandirs include an assembly guide that has detailed step-by-step instructions for a quick and easy setup.
  • Packaging (International)
    All Mandirs are flat packed for reducing the possibilities of transit damages and transshipment costs. All mandirs are DIY and  include an assembly guide that has detailed step-by-step instructions for a quick and easy setup.
  • Idol product composition
    All idols are crafted using cultured marble which is very durable. We then mix beautiful color dyes to add definition to the idol before coating it with a clear, hard protective gel.

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