Our story

Our mission
Our mission is to simplify and enhance not only our mandir designs but the entire shopping experience for our customers. We take strides to ensure that shopping for your home temple should is as easy as shopping for any home furnishing products which are delivered to your doorstep in a timely and secure manner. Our focus is to become the go to place for shopping contemporary style mandirs in the United States and globally.

Design Ethos
At 'The Mandir Store' we do not blindly follow the conventional mandir design patterns. Our designers take into account the interior of modern homes and offices along with feedback from our customers to come up with contemporary mandir designs and finishes that can blend in one's home setting and stand out when needed. We strongly believe that our mandirs should reflect our evolved lifestyles while keeping all the utilities and importance of a traditional mandir intact.  

For everyone
We believe in spirituality over any particular religion. We take inspiration from several Indian cultures and try to build mandirs that are durable for every day use and aesthetically pleasing if just left alone as a piece of art. We understand that one size does not fit all and hence we have a wide variety of mandirs in different sizes and with different storage options. If you cannot find the right fit for your home, reach out to us to customize your mandir build.

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